About us

About us

Peyvand Ghateat Arian Company

In order to producing new generation of metallic gaskets such as metallic multi layers CHGs which are used in modern automotives, Peyvand Ghateat Arian co. or in abbreviation PGACO. was established and registered in Nov 2004 at Mashhad , Iran

  • 2004: Establishment of PGA Company (For metallic gaskets)

               License partner of Meillor for metallic gasket production in Iran

  • 2005: First contract with Meillor for XU7 Cylinder Head Gasket

               Localization by PGA in 2006

  • 2006: Contract with Meillor for EF7 Cylinder Head Gasket

  • 2007: Audit by experts of Peugeot Citroen company and achieve of quality     process agreement grade “S” by PSA Co.

  •  2008: SOP of XU7 CHG at PGA Co.

  • 2008:First EF7 samples where delivered to Iran Khodro

  • 2009: SOP of OHVG CHG at Meillor Co. 

  • 2010: Contract with Meillor for OHVG CHG 

  • 2010: SOP of OHVG CHG at PGA Co. 

  • 2010: SOP of EF7 gaskets set at PGA Co. 

  • 2011: Achieving the ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 Certificates. 

  • 2012: SOP of TU5 and S81 gaskets 

  • 2012: Signing the agreement between IPCO and ElringKlinger Meillor  and PGA for EFD gaskets.